National Curriculum 2006 and above from Ministry of Education

Advanced Pakistan Studies Grades XI-XII
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Arabic Grades
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Arabic Grades
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Art and Model
Grades IX-X
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Biology Grades IX-XI
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Biology Grades XI-XII
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Chemistry Grades IX-X
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Chemistry Grades XI-XII
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Civics Grades IX-XII
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Computer Education Grades VI-VIII
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Computer Science
Grades IX-XII
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Drawing Grades VI-VIII
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Early Childhood Education
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English Grades I-XII
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Ethics Grades III-XII
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Essential of Home Economics Grades VI-VIII
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Essential of Home Economics Grades IX-X
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Farsi Grades VI-VIII
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Fine Art Grades XI-XII
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Food and Nutrition IX-X
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General Knowledge Grades I-III
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General Maths Grades
IX-X (Humanities Group)
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General Maths
Grades XI-XII
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General Science
Grades IV-VIII
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General Science
Grades IX-X
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Grades VI-VIII
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Health and Physical Education Grades VI-XII
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Grades VI-VIII
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Introduction to Technologies VI-VIII
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Grades III-XII
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Grades IX-XII
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Grades XI-XII
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Literacy Curriculum

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Library Science
Grade XI-XII
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Mathematics Grades I-XII
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Pakistan Studies IX-X
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Physics Grades IX-X
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Physics Grades XI-XII
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Sindhi Grades I-X
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Social Studies IV-V
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Statistics Grades XI-XII
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Textile and Clothing Grades IX-X
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Urdu Grades I-XII
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